Templeton Minecraft

Come and play on our Templeton minecraft server. 

We have a great team that play regularly so hop on and see what you can build!

The address to join is mcewan.net.nz and port 25565 (which is standard). 

There are just a few simple rules that we want you to abide by,

 * Respect the server, Respect other players"
 * Don't Steal, grief, spawn kill, constantly pick on/kill others"
 * Don't swear, or just be plain annoying to others"
 * Don't destroy whats not yours"
 * Be part of the community..."
 * Don't keep moaning about stuff"
 * Don't spam the chat!"
 * Invite your friends"
 * I am fair.. i am kind.. i don't want to put common sense in these rules"
 * But please use some manners playing this game with others"
 * NUMBER 1 RULE --- Have fun - that's what this is all about! ---"
 * Any problems, report them to macka - minecraft@mcewan.net.nz"

We work on the 1, 2, 3 system
1. You get a warning
2. You get a kick
3. You get banned.

For Parents or others wanting to see whats going on in the game, Head on over to the chat window and you can see the text being typed in the game. 

Also - try out our forums, we have a small community growing, so feel free to share and subscribe.